The Toohey Family...An Early Arrival

With unexplained infertility, my husband, Sean and I decided to go ahead with IVF. Lucky for us, our first attempt was successful. We got the all important "positive" result from the blood test....we were 4 weeks!
Here we go, game on......
I immediately became very sick. For the first two weeks I suffered from severe migraines. I thought to myself, if this is what pregnancy is, I'm not sure I can handle it!
At 6 weeks we discovered we were expecting twins. No real surprise there, (we had transferred two eggs) and we were over the moon!
My Doctor was great. She painted the worst case scenario (because I'm small, she said it was going to be tough on my body), so I was surprised and pleased at how well my body was going (apart from being massive!!).
I had a plan to cut back my work from 5 days to 3 when I hit 30 weeks.....
We were feeling very organised. I had booked into my antenatal classes, I had joined BMBA-W, and was going to the Expectant Parent Info Night.
I was now 28 weeks, extremely big, with extremely swollen feet! I thought I would get really organised, and pack my hospital bag.....little did I know, that in just two days I would be needing it.
This particular Saturday afternoon, Sean and I were sitting at home watching the footy (Collingwood), I had just been to the bathroom, sat back down on the couch, then felt a strange feeling....I ran back to the bathroom. I said to Sean, "I think my waters broke, or else I peed my pants!" I didn't have any contractions, so we kept watching the footy! (Don't forget, my antenatal classes didn't start for another 2 days!)
4am the next morning I woke with severe cramping. Sure enough, after looking at the clock the "cramps" were coming every 7 minutes. I nudged Sean and told him that I thought I was in labour. He wasn't at all impressed as he had his footy grand final that afternoon!!
After a speedy trip to the Wesley, we were taken by ambulance to the Mater (because I was only 28+6 wks.)
At 9:31 Cooper James arrived, weighing 1075gms, followed a minute later by Ava Miller, weighing 1570gms. As soon as we heard them cry, we knew they were going to be ok.
We were transferred back to the Wesley after a few weeks, where we stayed until Cooper and Ava were 37 wks.
After a long 8 weeks in hospital, we were finally able to take our bubs home. The Wesley staff were fantastic. Sean and I had been given so much support, we really felt ready and comfortable, and super confident to take our charges home!!
Both Cooper and Ava are doing really well, and have settled into our family superbly.
P.S.......Sean played his grand final that afternoon, and won. He tells me, it was the best day of his life!