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Brisbane Multiple Birth Association - Westside - Club Services Seeing More 'Seeing More' is our newsletter distributed to members every month (excluding January). It contains personal stories, interesting information, 2nd hand goods for sale, and details of our social events (PLUS MUCH MORE!). A detailed list of committee members and support contacts are listed at the end of the newsletter.

Social Functions

Multiples of All Ages Playgroups

On the 3rd Monday of each month, we run a playgroup at a venue at Chapel Hill while on the 1st Wednesday of each month, we have another morning tea/playgroup for multiples of all ages at a Sherwood venue.
These mornings are intended to be a stimulating and fun outing for the children while providing parents with an opportunity for coffee and a chat with other parents about various issues faced in raising multiples. Expectant Parents are warmly welcomed. The halls are safe, toddler-proof environments, perfect for multiples of all ages and their siblings (and for their parents to enjoy a coffee while they play).

Under One's Morning Teas

These are held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month for families with multiples up to approx 12 months of age (or until walking) and their siblings. This is a great forum for expectant parents with lots of hands on practice with nursing a tiny baby (or 2!) plus the opportunity to talk with other 'multiple mums' about their experiences. These morning tea's are currently held at Indooroopilly library meeting room (1st Friday) and Kenmore  library meeting room (3rd Friday).

Tiny Tots Morning Teas/Playdates

Once your children are walking (at approx 12 mths and upward), it is time to graduate to Tiny Tots. These morning teas/playdates are usually held in a local park.

School Aged Multiples (SAMs)

We provide regular meet-ups for parents of School Aged Multiples, and plenty of support and multiple-specific tips as your little ones embark on their first steps into schooling.

Parents Night Out

We organise regular evening social events for PARENTS ONLY! Usually meeting for Dinner/Coffee at a selected restaurant. We welcome any suggestions you may have regarding good venues.

Parent Education

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to participate in free or subsidised parent education programs, such as First Aid, Circle of Security and Triple P. Some are multiple specific and some are just a chance to dust off your skills and ask questions with other multiple parents.

Family Fun Days

Throughout the year the Committee organises specific Family Fun Days which usually include exciting children's entertainment and activities. Past Fun Days have included visits from the Fire Brigade, pony and cart rides, clowns, jumping castles and farmyard animals.

Music and Sports for Kids

From time to time, different fun learning programs are available for different age groups, including music classes and Ginger Sports.

Refer to the Events Page.

Member Services

Committee Meetings

General Committee meetings are held once a month on the 2nd  Wednesday of the month in the meeting room at McDonald's Indooroopilly. This is not as daunting as it sounds and is a great excuse to get out without the children and have a cuppa.  At Committee Meetings, decisions that shape the future of the club are made, and being part of this can be a very rewarding experience.  ALL members (Dads too!) can attend these meetings and your input will be welcomed and much appreciated.

Expectant Parent’s Information Nights

These are informal meetings held 4 times per year at the Kenmore Library, where we show some amazing and interesting DVDs. Our EPIN Library is available for guests to peruse and for club Members to borrow. Guests at the session can ask current parents of multiples 'those questions' and although we are not medical experts, the panel can offer the wisdom of seasoned parents of multiples.

Support Program

It is important, when your babies arrive, that you register them on your member page of our website. The Support Program is designed to ensure that all expectant and new parents are aware of the support available to them. When a new member joins the club, they are contacted by the Support Program Coordinator. This club member is then a point of contact if you have any questions or concerns or just need a friendly chat. If you have specific questions, they will be able to put you in contact with a member with similar experiences.  This system is designed to concentrate on families expecting multiples or those with babies under one, as it is these early stages that caring for multiples that most mothers feel vulnerable and often unable to attend club functions.

Hospital Liaison

We have provided the Wesley Hospital with an up to date information kit and a donated twin breast feeding pillow for use by Parents of Multiple babies. If you feel that you would like us to visit while you are in hospital, please give us a call. Contact details are listed on the front cover of the newsletter.

Higher Order Multiples Contact

Enquiries regarding triplets, quads or higher order multiples are referred to this officer. A special package is available to these families and a higher multiples newsletter is available through AMBA Qld Inc.

Bereavement Support

A compassionate ear may be contacted through the club should the need arise.  Assistance with referral to other resources will be available if required.

Breast Pump Hire

Hospital grade electric double breast pumps are available for hire to financial members. Pumps are hired for an initial period of 2 months. Pumps may be available for longer if demand permits. Priority will be given to families with babies still in hospital or higher order multiples.
Deposit $100 (payable in advance when loan agreement is signed, refunded when pump is returned in a clean, undamaged condition).
Monthly Levy                            $30
Double Pump Set (for sale only) $60

Feeding Pillows

The club hires out twin breast feeding pillows and double cuddle twin bottle feeding pillows. Deposit $30 (payable in advance when loan agreeement is signed, refunded when pillow is returned in a clean, undamaged condition). Hire costs are $15.00 per month (minimum 2 months) payable in advance.

New Enquiries/Membership Officer

This contact person will assist you with all enquiries regarding club Membership and keeps our database up to date. When your babies arrive (or if you have any family changes), please log on to update your family page to ensure your babies birth and future birthdays do not go unrecognised.

Thinking of become a member of BMBA Westside?  You can join on-line or if you would like further information, contact our New Enquiries/Membership Officer using the Contact Us section on this site.

If you would like any other information on any of our services, please use the Contact Us section on this site.