Welcome to Brisbane Westside’s
multiple birth community

The Brisbane Multiple Birth Association – Westside Inc. was formed in 1984 by a group of parents with twins or triplets seeking to establish a local support network in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Its aim was to support the needs of families with multiples.

From the beginning, BMBA Westside has given a commitment towards promoting a higher awareness of the needs of multiples in society. Parents can obtain information from those who have experienced similar situations. Eg: choosing a twin pram, breastfeeding two babies, toilet training three toddlers, etc.

After celebrating our 30th birthday in 2014, BMBA Westside’s goal continues to be to improve the support, assistance, information and resources available to expectant parents and families of multiples from Red Hill to Forest Lake.

BMBA Westside - 30 years old and still multiplying!